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Beer from Belgium
Blanche de Bruxelles

In the News
Lefebvre Accolade: Silver; 2017 Denver International Beer Competition

Lefebvre Accolade: Belgium’s Best Witbier; World Beer Awards 2016

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In 1876, Jules Lefebvre opened a small farm brewery in Quenast, Belgium. Lefebvre—like many Belgian breweries—was born out of necessity, supplying village pubs full of thirsty workmen with it's refreshing, low ABV beers.

Shortly after Jules passed the business off to his son, Augustus, the brewery and its materials were commandeered by Germany during World War I. In 1921, Augustus reopened Lefebvre in it's current location, just up the hill from the center of the village. Over the century that has followed, the brewery has invested in new technology, introduced a wide range of product offerings, and continued to pass the brewery on to younger generations.

The brewery began exporting in the early 1980s; today, the export market is responsible for 80% of Lefebvre sales. Shortly after entering the export market, the brewery began producing its most well known beer, a smooth witbier called Blanche de Bruxelles, as well it's popular honey pale ale, Barbar. In 2008, the brewery partnered with other esteemed Belgian brewers—including Dupont and Brasserie Dubuisson—and joined the Belgian Family Brewers Association (BFB), a testament to it's authenticity, tradition, and commitment to excellence.

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