Brasserie Lefebvre History

Jules Joseph Lefebvre opened the Lefebvre Brewery in 1876 to quench the thirst of quarry workers after a long day hauling stone. Lower in alcohol, filled with vitamins, and often safer to drink than water, beer was the drink of choice for many. While the popularity of Lefebvre’s malt ales quickly spread to neighboring villages, production was just as quickly forced to a halt by German occupation of the facility during WWI. The family purchased another brewery in 1919, located in Chemin du Croly, Belgium, just 20 miles outside Brussels. The current facility still operates under the sixth generation of the Lefebvre family with Paul and his sister Celine Lefebvre at the helm.

Though the brewery produces a full line of Abbey, Degustation and Fruit beers, its most famous creation is a light wheat beer, Blanche De Bruxelles. Widely recognized for its label depiction of the famous Brussels statue, Manneken Pis, Blanche De Bruxelles is uniquely brewed using 40% soft wheat. The wheat gives the beer a naturally opalescent color with a very white, dense head. The flavor has gained a global fan base not to mention international awards, earning Gold at the 2014 Australian Beer Open and in the International Beer Awards in 2016.

Discover the award-winning beers from one of Belgium’s historic Belgian Family Brewers.

  • Blanche de Bruxelles Blanche de Bruxelles
  • Blanche de Bruxelles Rosée Blanche de Bruxelles Rosée