Cookie Policy

Last updated: May 24, 2018

Cookies are small text files automatically stored on your computer or device when you visit certain websites. Commonly, they are used to retain user status and preferences to ensure a consistent and efficient experience for visitors.

Our website utilizes a few cookies for different purposes. Some are necessary for the technical functions of the site and others enable a personalized browsing experience for our visitors.

Cookie Consent

In the footer of each page on this website, you will see a message alerting you of the use of cookies and our privacy policy. If you clicked the “Got it” button, you won’t likely see the alert again. We use a cookie to remember this setting. User data is all anonymous.

This open source functionality is licensed under The MIT License (MIT) ©Silktide Ltd.

Google Analytics

To understand how people us our website, and to discover issues throughout our site, we utilize Google Analytics. Most websites use this or a similar measurement platform to monitor traffic. The data it collects informs us of how many people visit our site, which state or country they are accessing from, which pages they visited, how long they browsed the site, which device or browser they used, and so on. All data collected through Google Analytics is completely anonymous.

The ga.js JavaScript library uses first-party cookies to:

  • Determine which domain to measure
  • Distinguish unique users
  • Throttle the request rate
  • Remember the number and time of previous visits
  • Remember traffic source information
  • Determine the start and end of a session
  • Remember the value of visitor-level custom variables

Learn more about how Google uses cookies.

Google Maps

Certain features throughout our website, such as the Product Finder, rely upon the Google Maps API to locate brands near you. Upon your first visit to one of these pages, you will be prompted to allow or deny the usage of your location. Accepting this request provides an efficient means of utilizing our map tools. Your response to this alert is independent of the Cookie Consent.

Learn more about how Google uses cookies.


Our site’s Content Management System, WordPress, utilizes cookies to recognize and remember logged-in users. As this website does not allow for user registration or post discussion, these cookies are dormant for most visitors.