Brasserie Dupont History

The origin of Brasserie Dupont, a member of the Belgian Family Brewers Association, begins in 1920 with a father’s love for his son. Hoping to persuade his boy Louis, a budding agronomist, from purchasing a farm in Canada and moving thousands of miles from home, Alfred Dupont bought a farm-brewery situated in Tourpes, Belgium. The incorporated farm dated back to 1759, and was renowned in the area for its Saisons and honey beers. It was an offer Louis could not refuse.

Louis ran the farm brewery until his death in 1945. With no direct heirs, he bequeathed the brewery to his nephew, Sylva Rosier. Four generations of the Dupont family have since owned and operated the Brasserie Dupont, significantly increasing production in the last decade to meet global demand for its prized beers. Though the family has modernized some equipment, they strive to maintain traditional production processes, so taste is never sacrificed for volume.

Today, Brasserie Dupont’s Saison Dupont is world renowned as the benchmark for the Saison style. One element vital to the beer’s profile is its signature yeast, a strain maintained by a microbiologist in the family since 1945. In addition to specializing in Saisons, the brewery is also famous throughout Belgium for its award-winning cheese. The cheese, as one might expect, pairs exceptionally well with Brasserie Dupont’s exceptional line up of beers.

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