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Providing discovery beer, wine, cider, and spirit brands U.S. importing solutions

About Emerging Brands

Emerging Brands, a division of Total Beverage Solution, supports new, unique or previously underserviced beverage brands with the added benefit of utilizing Total Beverage Solution’s established support systems.

Offering beverage suppliers a comprehensive suite of customizable options necessary to achieve their suitable route to market, Emerging Brands delivers a rare combination of large-scale operations and focused dedication to create market effectiveness.

When the time is right, our supported stepping-stone system guides brands to become perfectly suited for Total Beverage Solution’s full spectrum of selling and marketing resources.

We have created three packages of services designed to assist beverage brands in their route to market needs and invite you to explore these options below. If you feel your brand needs more robust solutions, please see our comprehensive portfolio Total Beverage Solutions services here.

Back of House

Compliance | Logistics | Accounting & Finance
Suitable for beverage brands requiring assistance navigating the U.S. regulatory and compliance requirements but have their own selling resources.

Discovery Brands

Compliance | Logistics | Accounting & Finance | Sales
Tailored for brand owners of product with little presence in the U.S. market.

Developmental Brands

Compliance | Logistics | Accounting & Finance | Sales | Marketing
Ideal for brand owners of products with some degree of current or prior U.S. market presence.

Emerging Brands Portfolio

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