Signatory History

“The makers of Signatory Scotch Whisky refer to it as a “single, single, single malt” for the single distillery, single distillation and single cask used in production. Signatory single malts are sourced from the most prominent distilleries across Scotland. As an independent bottler, Signatory is able to buy surplus casks of malts not sold to consumers, bottling them under the Signatory name. Though it sounds simple, discerning which casks to bottle while ensuring the highest quality of single malt Scotch whisky is a meticulous endeavor.

It begins with tasting every barrel to find the finest casks in each batch. Signatory bottles only the highest quality ones out of these premium batches. The company also uses an unchill-filtering process. Unlike many well-known Scotch brands that rely on chill-filtering to remove fats and oils from the malts and add caramel coloring to ensure a consistent color, Signatory prefers to enhance each cask’s natural flavor. Purchasing a bottle of Signatory is getting a Scotch whisky virtually straight from the cask.

Signatory is perhaps best known for its 86 Proof collection. These single malts are aged for up to 20 years and bottled at 86 proof. The colored coordinated tins holding these bottles represent various regions of distillation. The Cask Strength selection offers natural strength whiskies up to 35 years old. Buyers should note every Signatory bottle is marked with a distillation date, bottling date, and cask and bottle number.

Try these singular single malts that offer Scotch in its purest form.”