Altanuta History

On the rugged mountain slopes of the Italian Alps grow grapes the Pedrottivini family has cultivated for almost a century. Aptly named Altanuta – Italian for high estate – the vineyard was founded by expert viticulturalist and enologist Italo Pedrotti, whose desire was to produce wines of the highest quality. This passion continues to drive the company as Pedrotti’s grandson, Iginio, now runs the estate. His heritage combines almost 700 years of winemaking expertise with extensive terrain knowledge to offer the world a Pinot Grigio of uncommon caliber.

The wine’s distinctive taste is mainly due to the crisp breezes, rocky soil and high altitude in which the grapes are grown. The grapes yield a light wine with a strong flavor that pairs well with many foods. Earning a Silver Medal at the 2015 World Wine Championship, Altanuta is an elegant wine produced only at this very specific spot of the globe.

Discover a Pinot Grigio with reviews as high as the vineyard’s altitude.